• SFC7032

    Distribution Device

    The SFC7032 standard rack-mounted network packet processor is a high-performance convergence and shunt device designed for cloud clusters, IDC data processing centers, metropolitan area networks, and mobile core networks. The overall application solution solves traffic collection,nalysis, screening and other requirements. This series of shunts has high-density 100GE access capabilities, supports refined traffic collection and classification, and intelligent load-balancing. It only consumes ultra-low operating power consumption while ensuring ultra-high processing power.


    The SFC7032 standard rack-mounted network packet processor is a high-performance convergence and shunt device designed for cloud clusters, IDC data processing centers, metropolitan area networks, and mobile core networks. The overall application solution solves traffic collection,nalysis, screening and other requirements. This series of shunts has high-density 100GE access capabilities, supports refined traffic collection and classification, and intelligent load-balancing. It only consumes ultra-low operating power consumption while ensuring ultra-high processing power.


    Interface density

    1U box-type device, mixed service interface, meeting multiple rate requirements, up to 3.2T access capacity:

    provides 32 100GE interfaces and is compatible with 40GE/4x10G/4x25G interfaces.

    Traffic collection

    According to the IP quintuple, VLAN ID, packet characteristics, and input interface, the device can flexibly combine and deliver the GRE and GTP protocol packets and HTTP POST/GET packets.Then,according to the result of the classification performs,it can in-depth processing and policy output for specific types of messages.

    Traffic copy

    As the first-level traffic access device, the original traffic and the pre-processed traffic are separately copied and output, and are provided to multiple application systems for independent processing. The SFC7032can perform the original traffic on the input interface side as follows 1 to n copy, you can also perform 1 to n copy of the processed traffic on the output interface side

    Load balancing

    With flexible load balancing output algorithm, the SFC7032supports configuring different load-balancing algorithms for different interface groups at the same time;It support load-balancing output of data base on inner layer IP or outer layer IP and guarantee session integrity and user integrity

    Intelligent load-balancing

    The SFC7032Intelligently detects the link state of the back-end server. If an interface of the load-balancing interface group is disconnected or the back-end server has a heartbeat abnormality, the device automatically outputs the traffic load of the interface to other interfaces of the interface group, thereby avoiding data loss

    Header strip

    Support the output after stripping the header of tunnel message for MPLS, gtpu, vxlan, GRE and other tunnel messages

    Header modify

    Support input port information or ID information or time stamp information of matching rules for MAC header identification

    GRE tunnel termination

    Support the termination of GRE tunnel message and respond to ARP request and ICMP request packets


    Specification Type Description
    interface Interface density 32*100GE QSFP28, compatible with 40GE/4x10G/4x25G standard Ethernet physical optical interface supports single mode and multi mode.
    single fiber mode all interfaces support single-fiber input and output.
    full duplex

    all interfaces support transceiver independence.

    access capacity

    one card

    up to 3.2T access capacity

    protocol identification

    identifiable protocol

    It can identify link layer message, VLAN message, MPLS message, vxlan message, IP and IP tunnel message, GRE, GTP, ICMP, SCTP, IPSec, routing management protocol and other messages.

    rule processing

    rule processing

    Support ingroup rules, mask  rules, exact rules

    basic processing rule

    traffic convergence、traffic distribute、traffic drop、traffic copy、

    Label tag;

    The filtering strategy includes source destination MAC, Ethernet type, IP fragment mark, mask rule and precise rule

    Mask rule

    Mask rule elements include: source IP, destination IP, L4 source port, L4 destination port, protocol number, TCP flag, in interface (Group), L3 payload length, DSCP;

    can choose to match the outer quintuple information or the inner quintuple information;

    exact rule

    1. Provide two tuple combination types;

    2. Each combination type supports any one to six tuples;

    The rules contain six tuples: input interface, source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port and protocol.

    UDF rule

    Support fixed location signature rules;

    the matching range of the signature is 128 bytes from L2.

    rule default capacity

    Mask rules (IPv4 and IPv6 mask rules, input interface rules share capacity space):More than 4K;

    Exact rule: 20K.

    data processing

    homologous homology

    supports flexible load balancing output algorithms to ensure user integrity and session integrity;

    supports internal IP load balancing output to ensure completeness;


    load- balancing

    Supports the smart detection and the link state of the back-end server. If the link of one interface of the load balancing interface group is disconnected or the heartbeat given by the back-end server is abnormal, the traffic of the interface can be automatically distributed to other interfaces of the interface group.

    Label tag


    It supports single interface to label the input interface (including slot, input interface ID, data flow up / down status) through SMAC, and each interface can be configured separately


    Support DMAC user-defined, each interface can be configured separately


    Support single interface to label the input interface through VLAN (including slot, input interface ID Data flow up / down status), each interface can be configured separately

    Header strip

    Header strip

    Support the output of IP tunnel, MPLS, gtpu, vxlan header after stripping

    GRE tunnel termination

    GRE tunnel termination

    Support GRE tunnel message termination and respond to ARP request and ICMP request

    environmental requirements and standards

    temperature and humidity

    Working temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃

    Storage temperature: -40℃+70℃

    Humidity requirements: 5% RH ~ 95% RH, non-condensing.

    physical parameter

    power supply

    100 V~240 V AC or -48V DC;

    The power supply is 1+1 redundant.

    Power consumption

    The board has a maximum power consumption of 320W.

    Size (D*W*H)

    428.8mm x440mmx 44mm

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