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5U OTN Chassis, STN6800-V is a 10G/100G/200G high-capacity OTN transport system, mainly used in backbone network, metropolitan area network and data ...
STN6800-D36H supports 36 100G client-side interfaces and 6 600G system-side interfaces (each port is 100G ~ 600G adjustable). Based on the open softwa...
STN6200 platform is suitable for CWDM/DWDM / OLP/ RTFS scenario. It supports more than 30 kinds of service cards, such as OA / OEO / SAX / SAH / SOA /...
STN6200-II platform is mainly used in network access layer and aggregation layer. It supports multi kinds of sub cards used in service access. STN6200...
SAN3700-G16E provides 16 GPON ports, and 2 10GE or 8 GE ports for uplink. One GPON port can manage up to 128 ONUs, one SAN3700-G16E can manage up to 2...
  • A Complete OTN Solution
    STN6800-X / STN6800-V / STN6800-II / STN6800-I
  • G/EPON Solution
    Improve Your Access
  • Data Center Interconnection Solution
    STN6800-D16H / STN6800-D36H
Company Profile
Sino-Telecom was founded in 2006, Shanghai. By the year of 2019, Sino-Telecom has 230+ employees, and more than 45% are engaged in R&D department.
Focused on telecommunication, Sino-Telecom is specialized in providing metro access solution (FTTH) and optical transmission solution (OTN, CWDM/DWDM).
Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc. was founded in May 2006.
The company is founded with a view to develop high end quality products using best technical talent in our own R&D team who are continuously working to deliver best products and solutions to the customers around the globe.
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